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🎁Semi-Annual Sale-30% OFF🐠Fishing Hook Quick Removal Device


Are you missing an aid that will allow you to catch fish quickly? Can't handle deep grooves with your disconnect tool?

Fishing is fun, don't let the line and hooks hurt your hands!!!

Our Stainless Steel Deep Throat Hook Puller will help you land the hook quickly, without the fear of a deep throat. It is tough and durable against corrosion and will not damage your line.

Main Features

Quick Decoupling
It can quickly wrap around the line and bring the hook down along the line and the line can follow to find the hook quickly and unhook it quickly in 3 seconds.

Special Spiral Design
The spiral design is smooth and does not hurt the line, it is easier to enter the fish's mouth and very easy to unhook.

Ergonomic Design
The deep groove stainless steel retainer pin is lightweight and portable, with a non-slip aluminum handle for easy grip.

Strong Magnetic Adsorption
The powerful magnetic bottom is designed to quickly catch hooks.

High-Quality Material
Stainless steel head and space handle in aluminum, anodized metal for great hardness, strength, and resistance to drops and corrosion.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Black, Gray, Blue, Red
  • Weight: 30g
  • Length: 17.5cm