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New Fishing Frog Lure Set 4 PCS/SET


Attention Anglers! 

Here's the truth - most people are not using the right fishing lures.

  • Spinning Topwater Frog Lures Attract The Most Attention Among Fish
  • They Glide Across The Water With Ease
  • Watch Fish Strike From All Directions As You Reel In!

If you've struggled with finding the right fishing lure, if you are having a tough time attracting fish, or if you just love the sight of fish flying out of the water for your bait; then you have come to the right place. Here's why...

Lifelike Swimming Motion:

  • Each lure produces a spinning motion in the water followed by a lifelike frog to attract fish from all directions
  • Ripples on the water alert fish in the area of easy prey 

Big Time Blow-Ups:

  • Bass will come flying out of the water to get their mouths on these frog lures
  • See it happen in real time as you watch your lure glide across the water

High Performance: 

  • Åxpect great quality lures that will last many fishing trips
  • Comes with a sharp carbon steel hook