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Auto Fishing Float


Enjoy your life every day with our Automatic Fishing float.  Ingenious design makes fishing easy and fun.  When a fish takes your bait, high tension carbon spring kicks in and pulls on the hook.  The result is your hook properly set in a fish’s mouth without extra damage.  Because of the quick spring action, this device is also great for catch and release.

The US Department of Defense trusts a similar device and has included it in Air Force Survival kits and has been sold to all branches of the military. For survival kits, why not trust what the military uses? The Auto Fishing Float is both improved and a better version that can be used on fish or small game, with or without a fishing pole. Small and compact, this is the one hook you need for your survival kit.


  • Floating material: EVA, float coating: multi-layer imported with fluorescent
  • Spring material: High tension carbon
  • Metal parts: Stainless steel
  • Size: Length-39cm